Jun 16

My Hardening Heart

By The Rev. Shawna Bowman   We Tell The Truth About Ourselves I have a confession to make. Today I am angry. I can feel my heart hardening with hate. I’m angry and I don’t want to make friends or make nice or make it easy on anyone who has every abandoned, remained silent or …

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May 14

Muddling through Transformation — Student Noah Kruis

McCormick’s tagline, “Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical,” was incredibly compelling to me as I was discerning my own call to ministry. Rooted in the Reformed tradition, in a small denomination with a specific ethnic heritage, I desired a theological education that would equip me with skills for improving Cross-Cultural, Urban and Ecumenical work within that denomination. …

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Apr 23

Senior Reflections — Fern Brown

I was accepted in McCormick in 2012. When I was going through the process, I thought I was applying for 2013, because I thought I had passed the deadline for 2012. The year 2012 would later become very meaningful to me because my mom died in March 2013. God allowed me and her to enjoy …

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Apr 20

The McCormick Herald — April 18, 2016

In this week’s McCormick Herald, you can find community announcements, an interview with senior Leslie Deslauriers, and Derek Elmi Burrsma’s great run-down of the Christian Reformed Church’s current initiatives to combat racism and focus on reconciliation. In 1857 a group of Dutch immigrants se led in West Michigan and founded the Christian Reformed Church in North …

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Apr 13

Senior Reflections — Alicia Hanner

In just 30 short days I will graduate from McCormick. I will put on a robe and a hat and be handed a piece of paper that will say I am a master of divinity… This is a strange reality to accept, a three year journey is coming to an end and because of the …

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Apr 13

The McCormick Herald — April 3, 2016

In this issue of the McCormick Herald you’ll find reflections on privilege, safe space, the Mental Health Advocacy conference, games, puzzles and more!  Our feature story is from Je Myoung Lee, reflecting on his experience traveling to India this January.  If you want to read Je’s post in English, please scroll down. 인도 여행을 다녀와서 맥코믹 …

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Apr 12

McCormick Prize 2016 Finalists

McCormick Theological Seminary and the Center for Innovative Ministry are pleased to announce the winning entries of the 2016 McCormick Prize for Innovation. The annual prize recognizes “impactful use of innovation in ministry,” and this year will award $8,000 in prizes to the winners. “The quality of this year’s entries was exceptional,” offered Director of …

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Apr 08

Times Like These — Senior Leslie Deslauriers

As my time at McCormick draws to a close, I can’t help but think about my journey from the first day I walked in the doors to now. There were a lot of moments where I wanted to quit or where I cried or when I felt like I just could not read another theology …

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Mar 24

The Radical God — Student Wanda Simpson

When there is a disassociation from people who are not part of the “norm,” it makes one wonder exactly what the “normal” is.  Who decided that it was acceptable to gravitate towards one group of people and to stigmatize another?  The definition for normal is:  Approximately average in any psychological trait, as intelligence, personality, or …

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Mar 22

In the Midst of Deception: The Illusion of Disability — Student Eddie Rosa-Fuentes

“Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” Acts 10:15 We live in the culture of perfection.  We are asked to be perfect. Our work needs to be perfect.  Western culture keeps asking from humanity, and following the idea of Capitalism, having more, more and more.  For this reason, we now have machinery …

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