“Arise and Go Hence”–Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas

Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas delivered this commencement address on May 9, 2015.  McCormick is blessed to have such a dynamic and insightful preacher on our faculty!


Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas currently serves as an adjunct professor for preaching at McCormick Theological Seminary.  Rev. Thomas is the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Homiletics and the Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration at Christian Theological Seminary of Indianapolis, Indiana. His newest book is the revised and updated version of They Like to Never Quit Praisin’ God: The Role of Celebration In Preaching, considered by many to be a classic. American Dream 2.0: A Christian Way Out of the Great Recession, was released by Abingdon Press in August, 2012. Preaching With Sacred Fire: An Anthology of African American Sermons, 1750 to the Present, co-edited by Martha Simmons, offers a rare view of the unheralded role of the African American preacher in American history. He is the CEO of Hope For Life International, Inc. which formerly published The African American Pulpit.