Become an Interfaith Engagement Leader–Certificate in Interreligious Understanding

“Enabling constructive encounters with diversity is a primary pastoral task of congregations and theological institutions.” Rev. Dr. Brad Braxton

In our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, leaders will need to cultivate their skills in cross-cultural dialogue and engagement. McCormick has always been committed to fostering curiosity , compassion, and understanding of difference in its students and we are constantly developing programs and opportunities to build a more compassionate, justice-centered world. We want to help our faith leaders develop greater self-awareness, knowledge, expertise, and competence in navigating—and bridging—the dividing lines of religion and culture in ways that are honest, authentic, and effective.

To that end, we are excited to offer a new Certificate in Interreligious Understanding and Leadership, with the first cohort beginning their studies this Fall. Over the course of 5 sessions spanning a year, participants will have the opportunity to:d601cc7fdde819c4f5c5fa91f7bb25b0

  • Develop a deeper self-understanding of their personal faith and religious traditions
  • Explore religious-spiritual-secular traditions of our faith community neighbors
  • Learn new models of leadership theory and practice relating to diverse, interreligious contexts
  • Develop practical skills in interreligious programming and organizing
  • Create opportunities for dialogue and engagement for your own communities

This course also offers the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of leaders across the nation, engaged in a variety of businesses and service initiatives. McCormick believes that leaders from every sector of society can benefit from this education, whether you are a member of the clergy, a chaplain at an educational institution, a non-profit administrator, a health care provider, a marketing professional, or a social justice advocate or a community organizer. Cohorts will learn from one another as well as the faculty, and will develop productive partnerships through their interactions in the classroom and in fellowship.

McCormick is also committed to this educational opportunity to be accessible to all; tuition for this program is less than $2,000—much lower than comparable programs—and we offer low-cost accommodation on campus. Applications will be accepted through August 1, for more information, visit our website or contact Dr. Jeff Japinga (773-947-6332).