Lessons For The Little Girl: Lessons To Learn, To Live, and To Love – Student Jaime A. Gil

Looking in the mirror and accepting what you see completely is one of the most challenging human endeavors. Self-acceptance is something that we are told that we need to do in this world, but how we do that is not always demonstrated or taught.

Lessons For the Little Girl is an opportunity, an invitation, for ladies to reflect on their true identity. As the author, I share my own experiences of growing up to help encourage ladies to realize the strength that they have within them. The “little girl” is symbolic of who they are despite what may have happened to them, what they are currently going through, or may go through in the future. This book is for ladies 11 to 111 years of age. Jaime wants to teach younger “little girls” and remind older “little girls” of just how valuable and important they are.

Jaime Gill with Prof. Cláudio Carvalhaes

This is not a “religious” book but it is definitely a book of faith. For the more you look inside yourself, you find something that is something that is bigger than you, something that is deeper than you, and truly beyond full human comprehension. That something, that essence is God’s spirit. And once you are able to see that God is part of you, you are able to see that you were created for purpose, with purpose, and on purpose. Through each chapter’s reflection you are encouraged to have the faith to be honest, the faith to laugh, the faith to heal, and the faith to be better than you once were. For the Bible teaches us to “…love your neighbor as ourselves, there is no commandment greater than this” (Mark 12:31). The biggest word in this sentence is “AS” To the degree and measure which we are and we have, is what we shall give. Once we can administer and display healthy, productive love to ourselves, then we are able to do the same for our neighbors.

Unfortunately many women give out of lack, instead of abundance. Taking the time to be honest about how we feel, what we think, and where we are (physically mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) we are able to better understand who we are! I want ladies of all ages to make self-care a priority, starting at a young age, so that they can be the very best that God created them to be.

The “little girl” in the title is symbolic of the core of who you are as a lady…she represents the place of honest, the place of fearlessness, the place of hope, and the place of faith that exists inside of all of us but it is often covered up by life, circumstances, responsibilities, and other-people’s need and priorities.   This book is an invitation to remove all of that to be able to see, embrace, and operate from a place of authenticity, strength and faith.

12185478_976806705716170_8075091207407866048_oJaime A. Gill is a first-year student at McCormick Theological Seminary working towards her Masters of Divinity.  You can learn more about Lessons for the Little Girl and order the book here