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The Best Parts of Christmas

By Wanda E. Simpson

It’s that time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There are so very many things that make me happy during the season. First, I am so glad that Christ came into the world to save us from our sins and, although it may sound crazy, I celebrate the traumatic way that Mary and Joseph found a place for his birth. I celebrate this because so many think that one has to be born into riches in order to become a celebrated king. The situation in which Jesus was born means, for me, that he is a savior for the people–all people. My heart bursts with joy each time I think about how the Magi came to celebrate him, the star in the sky, and the angels singing from heaven. How wonderful an audience for one’s birth!

Another reason I celebrate this season with an open heart is that I love how families come together in worship, food, fun and fellowship. It does not matter to me if a family has a disruption on the holiday; to me it is all in love. (What would we do without one another?) The relative who drinks too much, the one who always complains, and the one who is perfect. They all serve a great part of our love, or else we would not have invited them.

Then there are the Christmas decorations both inside and outside the houses. Sometimes when I am on my way home from work, and it’s dark, I drive through the neighborhoods just to see the Christmas decorations. My face lights up each time as if I were a child, for it can be small decorations or a tremendous amount of decorations; it is all about Christ.

There is so much to be said about this season! I love how we care for each other during this time. The hungry get fed and clothed; we help one another across the street; we give more of ourselves and our possessions than we normally do; and we love a lot harder. Thank you Jesus for opening our hearts up even though we may not be as consistent as we should.  I am more excited at this time of year about love than anything else.

Finally, there is one more item that I am happy about at this time of year: music. I absolute love Christmas music! I can’t sing a lick, but when I hear Christmas songs on the radio, I scream the words to the top of my voice. Since music is one of God’s gifts why not celebrate the gift of giving with a song. I love “The Christmas Song,” by Nat King Cole. I love to hear “Every Year, Every Christmas,” by Luther Vandross. I really love to hear “This Christmas,” by Chris Brown. And my all-time favorite is “Silent Night,” by the Temptations. God, how wonderful you are to have come down from your throne to show us just how much you love us.